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Lucam Consultancy is a healthcare recruitment specialist with a passionate team and 18 years of experience across the healthcare sector.

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We recruit candidates into roles as care assistants, support workers, and nurses.

NHS Workforce Alliance

We recruit nurses, HCAs and support workers within clinical settings for a variety of roles.

Industry Professionals

Healthcare Recruitment Specialists

Our skilled team of industry professionals are keen to use their experience to guide candidates into their ideal roles. The extensive training our candidates receive ensures they are fully equipped to handle the jobs they enter.

With 18 years of experience, we have honed our recruitment skills to perfection.

Our skilled staff have backgrounds in the sectors we provide services for, meaning we understand this sector inside & out.

Ultimately, our knowledge and passion for the healthcare sector makes certain that we are best placed to guarantee our temporary workers are fully trained and equipped with the skills required.

Why Choose Lucam Consultancy

Why Choose Us

Our proven experience and team of industry professionals gives us the upper hand when it comes to supplying candidates with their ideal positions. We are experts in identifying the right role for each candidate, providing useful advice grounded in the realities of each industry, and supporting the candidate through each step.

We supply candidates for a range of businesses seeking to grow and thrive. Our staff can expertly identify the right talent from our comprehensive database to perfectly suit your business’s needs.

We maintain a high standard for all temporary staff recruited – alongside full training, we carry out DBS checks, and reference checks for up to 5+ years.

Whether you’re a candidate seeking employment or an employer seeking the right staff to help your business thrive, we can help with your temporary and permanent staffing needs.

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Lucam Industry Specialists

Our insider knowledge of each industry means we understand how vital it is that services accommodate both the candidate and employer. The recruitment process should always be mutually beneficial – a skill we have perfected through our years of experience.


“I would just like to thank you and everyone at Lucam office for supporting my service with their staff. Allowing me to have the same staff back meant that safe, effective, person-centred support was provided for the 3 ladies within Leach Lane.”



“My experience with Lucam Consultancy has been excellent, my manager (Jackie) has been very professional, reliable and competent. They work hard to deliver the best experience to you, I have great choice of hospitals and wards to work at, I would totally recommend to anyone 10/10.”



“On the very first contact, my experience of Lucam Consultancy has been outstanding. I had fears and barriers to employment but was supported through the whole process, the extra touch was the follow up right after the interview and not forgetting the delivery of the Job offer. I would highly recommend Lucam Consultancy.”



“I just wanted to provide some feedback for agency worker Tony who has been on shift with me tonight.  They have been an amazing support this evening. The ward has been short staffed, and we have all been on observations back to back for pretty much the whole shift. They have worked really hard to ensure the patients and staff are safe and been a great support to myself being the only nurse on shift."


Client Feedback

“Celine is always happy to support the unit as a whole, regardless as to what ward she is booked onto. She will move to different wards if asked with no complaints at all. She is also amazing with the patients and a great support to the nurses she is working with."

Client Feedback for Celine


Established For 18 Years

We have been able to grow and thrive as healthcare recruitment specialists due to our passion for our work. Helping candidates and local businesses grow is genuinely important to us, and we have perfected this focus through our many years of experience.


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We are experts at selecting the most suitable candidate from our extensive database.

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Whether you’re a candidate seeking work or an employee seeking talent in one of our sectors, we’re here to help.

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If you share our passion for helping local communities thrive, consider joining the Lucam team.

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