Our extensive training guides candidates into their perfect roles.

Experts In Training And Guiding Candidates

Looking for work? Lucam are experts in training and guiding candidates into their ideal roles. If you need a boost, our team of industry professionals are extremely passionate about finding the right role for you.

We understand the struggles of navigating a competitive market, especially when starting at a disadvantage. That’s why we provide full training to all of our candidates, including extra training beyond what is compulsory in their industry.

Varied And Extensive Training Programme

This extensive training ensures each candidate is fully prepared for their role, while giving them permanent skills that will assist them long-term. These skills are also useful in helping our candidates transition from temporary to permanent positions.

Our training programmes are highly varied. By letting our candidates gain experience across a wide variety of services, they are more likely to discover the role that they are most passionate about. We also believe in giving our candidates the freedom to work on their own terms, so by signing up with Lucam, you’ll have full control over your work hours. Receive weekly pay working as and when you want to.

Lucam Industry Professionals

Lucam Consultancy makes the job application process easy, and commits to responding to all applications within 24 hours max.

If you’re passionate about entering a healthcare career, consider our services. All candidates will be considered fairly under our commitment to inclusivity. Our staff are trained to be up-to-date with all relevant legislation to overcome any unconscious biases, treating all candidates as individuals and recognising their potential.

We are currently training candidates in sectors of healthcare.

Step 1

Step 1

Contact Lucam consultancy to discuss initial requirements

Step 3

Step 3

Lucam to invite candidates for an interview including requests for adequate documentation

Step 7

Step 7

Once approved, the candidate is invited back to the office for induction & assigned to the appropriate client & shift

Step 5

Step 5

Documentation will be passed to our compliance team for approval

Step 8

Step 8

Lucam to hold regular client & candidate reviews to ensure ongoing excellent level of service

Step 4

Step 4

Candidate to attend interview

Step 2

Step 2

Contact Lucam consultancy to discuss potential for role 

Step 6

Step 6

Final check including further training to be provided and/or documentation updates

Candidate Journey

We have a specific eight-step journey that we undertake with each candidate. This standardised process ensures we cover all possible ground for each candidate, guiding them meaningfully into the roles that suit them best.

Our recruitment process is extensive so that each candidate is fully prepared and suited for their designated role, and each client can expect high quality talent to help their business thrive. Our support extends past the point of initial recruitment – we will carry out regular client and candidate reviews to ensure you are satisfied with our services.


“I am really enjoying working for Lucam Consultancy. The management is excellent and they know how to look after their staff. I am always getting work if I need to work and am able to talk to them when I want talk to someone. Management is very supportive and fantastic - We always feel motivated and I could not ask for anything better."



“The team at Lucam Consultancy, especially 'Jackie', are brilliant to work for. They are a considerate, professional and efficient team and work hard to get you a shift. Jackie always respects my availability and she's always contactable if and when I need to speak to her. I thoroughly enjoy working with Lucam Consultancy and would definitely recommend working for them."


NHS Band 2 HCA

“My experience with Lucam Consultancy has been excellent, my manager (Jackie) has been very professional, reliable and competent. They work hard to deliver the best experience to you, I have great choice of hospitals and wards to work at, I would totally recommend to anyone 10/10.”



“91% of our candidates would recommend working for Lucam consultancy to friends or colleagues”

Survey Monkey


“I just wanted to provide some feedback for agency worker Tony who has been on shift with me tonight.  They have been an amazing support this evening. The ward has been short staffed, and we have all been on observations back to back for pretty much the whole shift. They have worked really hard to ensure the patients and staff are safe and been a great support to myself being the only nurse on shift."


Client Feedback

"My experience with Lucam has been really positive. I find Jackie and the other consultants to be friendly, knowledgeable and extremely reliable. No matter what day of the week or what time of the day it is, Jackie has assisted me with any type of query that I have had. I find the process of booking shifts to be very user-focused and bespoke to my needs due to the great relationships I have with Jackie and the team. Thanks for a great experience :)"



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