How Lucam Managed an Emergency Homeless Provision During COVID-19

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Community Project, Emergency Provision, Homelessness, Shelter
Community Project, Emergency Provision, Homelessness, Shelter
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The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most significant recent events that has affected us all, but the homeless population was hit particularly hard as it swept the nation.

While most of us could stay indoors during the lockdowns to stay safe from the looming threat of the virus, the homeless population were left vulnerable and exposed. They did not have access to safe, private spaces to shield themselves from the fatal virus, nor were they able to receive the all-important vaccinations to boost their immunity.

When St Helens Council called us up to establish an emergency homeless provision during the pandemic, we jumped at the chance to help out.

The council left it up to us to manage the entire project. Within a 48-hour turnaround, we set up members of the homeless community in a hotel on the East Lancs. This was an essential shelter to protect those in need during hard times.

It was a challenge to recruit staff for this project in just 48 hours, but our notable experience made us the ideal choice to effectively organise all aspects of this project. We successfully staffed the whole thing day and night.

The project was so successful that it ended up running for 18 months. Thanks to our brilliantly skilled staff, we were able to provide a vital safe and secure environment for homeless people in need during a deadly pandemic. When Christmas came around, we took the opportunity to bring gift bags to the hotel’s homeless residents to brighten up their days.

Due to the project’s success, Knowsley council approached us to support their homeless population, too. We rented out another floor of the hotel to accommodate this new influx of people.

Several success stories occurred as a result of these efforts. One man, who had been homeless for years, was able to be put up in a flat after using our emergency shelter.

We are extremely proud of how we were able to support local communities with this project. It embodies the compassionate spirit we strive to embody in everything we do at Lucam.


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