Lucam Lives

Trusted Providers of Supported Living Services

Lucam Lives supports clients with learning disabilities and mental health needs within a supported living setting. We help our clients to live an independent life while facilitating access to the local community, encouraging them to build relationships with their families and friends, and ultimately live a happy & meaningful life.

Our mission at Lucam Lives is to provide outstanding services to those we support, and be the provider of choice within commissioning groups across the North West of England. We are passionate about providing quality care to everyone we support. We offer flexible hours to meet the needs of those being supported.

We Endeavour To Do The Following:

  • Maximise the potential of each person, grounded in the belief of equality and that no one should be disadvantaged in any way.
  • Promote a culture of trust, honesty and transparency with those we support and all involved.
  • Provide person-centred support to our service users, ensuring respect, dignity, privacy, choice, and independence at all times.
  • Work in partnership with all services to enable a quality service and foster trusting relationships.
  • Have vigorous and detailed person-centred support plans to enable us to support individuals appropriately and effectively, ensuring all persons supported are at the centre of their support package and are empowered, enabled, and included.
  • Provide a trained, qualified, and experienced staff team to support those being supported with respect and dignity at all times so that their needs are fully met.
Supported Living We Offer:
We Follow The Principles Of KLOE In Our Approach To Support:
We Follow The FREDA Approach For Basic Human Rights For All:

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“We have worked with Lucam for a while now and he has placed a number of care workers with us. Lucam are proactive in finding us the experienced care workers we are looking for. Communication is critical and Lucam always responds; this makes a world of difference.”

Recruitment Manager



The Story Behind Our Logo

Read the story behind how we approached Sutton Academy to let their students develop our fantastic logo for Lucam Lives.

Become a Lucam Lives Support Worker

Supporting Our Staff

Lucam Lives endeavours to be the best employers in our supplied services, and have laid this out in our People’s Charter. This involves listening closely to our staff, as we believe wholeheartedly in treating them like a family and ensuring their voices are heard. We are a company that will support our staff to personally develop and achieve their goals within the industry.

Amanda Foy is one of our directors, and she brings 28 years of experience in health and social care to her role. She works with our dynamic and innovative Manager Liam May, who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge as he leads both mental health and learning disability services. Liam ensures that his leadership skills promote good practice and that these services are meeting the needs of those being supported.

Our established services will be the foundation for the development of more services in the sector across the North West. It is a vital part of our DNA to promote diversity inclusion for both those we support and our staff. There are no cultural or religious barriers to our services – everyone is welcome.

Keeping People Safe:

We are committed to abiding by our Safeguarding policy, ensuring all those we support feel safe and free from abuse. All our staff are trained and knowledgeable in identifying signs of abuse in all its forms.


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Floor 7, Century House, Hardshaw Street, England, St. Helens,
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Contact Phone: +44 (0)1744 758160

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