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Vital Support for Care-Experienced People

We believe that all care-experienced people should be given every opportunity to succeed and live their best life beyond care.

Lucam Retreats’ mission is to empower care-experienced people to live their best lives by reaching their true potential.

We Endeavour To Do The Following:

Because your feelings are valid, your choices matter, and your voice should be heard. We asked young people in care and care-experienced people who left care what they needed most upon leaving, but never got. They shared their hopes, fears, and ideas of what would have made it better for them.

So we leant forward, pinned our ears back, and listened. We wrote down lots of ideas and thoughts, we listened some more, then wrote lots more stuff down – good stuff, really good stuff!

With the help of the people who shared their journey & experiences in care, we put together a year-long programme designed to support people in care & care-experienced people just like you.

We created four weekly retreats to help you get away and create valuable space between you and your everyday. A much-needed escape from the overwhelming realities of your daily life – too many things fighting for your attention and not enough time or space to do them.

Each retreat week gives you the time and space to think, create, and explore exactly what it is you’d like to do when you leave care. Our team will encourage you along the way, listening and engaging with you to help develop your plan while supporting the development of your Core Living Skills.

You’ll get to uncover your very own ‘Super Powers’ whilst developing your self-confidence & self-belief, building your resilience, and learning effective communication skills while finding your own voice.

Get Support & Information

If you need support, but don’t know where to turn, Lucam Retreats partners are here for you – click on a link to get the support you need.

Leaving Care doesn’t mean you lose care & support. Leaving Care should prepare you to start living your best adult life.

Support What We Do

Thank You for clicking through & choosing to support the work we do. As a not-for-profit, your help is vital to help us keep the lights on so that we can help support care-experienced people. We really couldn’t make this happen without you – THANK YOU.

By donating your time and money or spreading the word so that we are able to connect with others and grow, you are helping to make the voices of care-experienced young people heard loud & proud. This will make things better for all across our community. Doing what you do next will help to bring about much needed and long overdue changes in our care system.

  • Birthday Fundraiser

    When you set-up a Birthday Fundraiser with Lucam Retreats, fear not of stale cake or regifted cosmetics or candles. We promise that every pound raised will make a real difference to a care-experienced young person's transition into independent living.

  • Regular Giving

    You too could be one of our ‘regulars’ and help a care-experienced young person in our community reach their true potential with your monthly gift.

  • Corporate Partnerships (CSR)

    Thanks for making the time to find out how we can work together by developing a mutually-beneficial partnership.

    Let’s talk to find out how we can help you and your team play a positive role in the community by supporting care-experienced people.

    We’re open to one-off fundraising events, employee engagement through mentoring-mentee coaching, apprenticeship opportunities, and career talks. We could even arrange a corporate retreat.

Why Lucam Retreats As A Corporate Partner?

Apart from building lasting relationships that create a ‘win-win’ for all involved, our future partnership will transform the lives of those most in need across our community.

A feeling that gets stronger as the partnership grows – reasons to become a corporate partner:

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