Meet The Team

Meet all the faces who make Lucam what it is.

Sue Haunch

Owner/Managing Director

I'm Sue, Owner & Managing Director of Lucam. I've accrued 20+ years of experience in recruitment, an industry I've loved working in since my first encounter with it. At Lucam, I generate fresh ideas and work on a variety of jobs to keep the company moving forward. I'm always motivated by the people I work with - who are rays of sunshine every day! - alongside seeing the business grow and experience success.


Favourite emoji: 🙈

I used to work in the travel industry and was working long hours every weekend. I went to a travel recruitment company to find a new job after having my daughter. They suggested recruitment, which is when I started working at the largest travel recruiter in the UK. After September 11th, the travel industry was hit hard, but I loved recruitment, so through a friend of a friend I found a job in healthcare recruitment. The rest is history!

I love going on holiday, spending time in Anglesey with family & friends. One day, I'd like to do a safari in South Africa.

Louise Clarke

Healthcare Recruitment Manager

I'm Louise, Healthcare Recruitment Manager at Lucam. For the past year, I've dealt with ensuring the overall successful running of Lucam!


Favourite emoji: 🤣

It allowed me to work flexible hours when I needed to. I was part-time when I started so was able to work around my life and my family.

To see the Aurora Borealis.

Andrea Baines

Finance Director

I'm Andrea, the Finance Director at Lucam. My role involves managing all aspects of finances, something I've become highly proficient in since I joined the company 10 years ago. My experience working in accounts since I was 16 has also proven very useful. I'm usually good at motivating myself throughout the day, although the people I work with are my favourite aspect of the job.


Favourite emoji: 👍

Walking my dogs and spending time with friends & family. Going storm chasing in America is high on my bucket list.

Treat people as you would want to be treated.

Jackie Dolan

Senior Healthcare Consultant

I'm Jackie, Senior Healthcare Consultant at Lucam. This involves dealing with nursing & specialist nursing - recruiting qualified staff, finding them NHS job roles to work in, and matching their experience with the skills needed by the client.


Favourite emoji: ❤️

Follow your dream, be yourself, and do what you're good at.

I enjoy reading autobiographies. As for fiction, I love 'To Kill a Mockingbird' by Harper Lee.

Michael Lythgoe

Assistant Healthcare Recruitment Manager

I'm Michael, Assistant Healthcare Recruitment Manager at Lucam. In short, this means recruiting new candidates, gaining new business, and making money. Thankfully, the team is very friendly and welcoming, so I never feel put under pressure.


Favourite emoji: 🤣 or 💀

Worrying gets you nowhere.

I once met Chesney Hawkes in a KFC queue.

Jane Hayes

Compliance Officer

I'm Jane, Compliance Officer at Lucam. This means I handle the interview & application process, following up candidates with references, booking their training, etc. It's easy to find motivation because I enjoy what I do!


Favourite emoji: 😂

If I have any questions or concerns, management is there to support me.

'Pretty Woman', 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here', 'Emmerdale'.

Kady Bennett-Laird

Compliance Officer

I'm Kady, Compliance Officer at Lucam. I handle the onboarding of new temps - checking all their documents and assisting them through the enrolment process. The people I work with make my job very enjoyable.


Favourite emoji: ❤️

Funny (borderline hilarious), a team-player, approachable, open, honest, and the best brew maker.

Don't worry about what you can't fix. If you're looking for work, don't let self-doubt hold you back.

Amanda Foy


I'm Mandy, the Director of Lucam Lives. With 28 years of healthcare experience and a passion for person-centred care, I find it rewarding to provide strategic leadership for Lucam Lives’ supported living services.


Favourite emoji: 😂

Seeing people progress and have positive outcomes. Hearing how happy those in our service are is also very motivating.

Going out for meals and cocktails (when I'm not at the gym working off the meals & cocktails)!

Danny McGiveron

Registered Manager

I'm Danny, the Registered Manager of Lucam Lives. This involves managing our supported living houses and their staff, including making sure they've got all their training and are compliant with all policies, RA support plans, and CQC policies.


Favourite emoji: 😂

I started 20 years ago and have only taken to it more as I've gotten older and properly grew into it.

I've been travelling a lot lately, finding cheap flights with SkyScanner to places like Germany and Denmark!


I'm also a huge gadgets nerd - in my house, there's an Alexa in every room and each bulb is a Smart bulb.


Lucam Lives

I'm Cameron, a Support Worker for Lucam Lives. Essentially, I support residents with their daily life, enhancing their quality of life as much as possible. I love having the opportunity to help people - it's extremely rewarding.


Favourite emoji: 😘

While working here, I've been allowed to trial a variety of different career paths before landing on the one that's right for me.

I'd love to go on a month-long road trip.


Accounts & Payroll

I'm Colette, Payroll Manager at Lucam. I handle the management of all invoicing and payroll - including processing timesheets, invoicing clients, and handling weekly payroll. The best way to motivate me is with a good deadline!


Favourite emoji: It's a secret.

The friendly local environment I get to work in every day.

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