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Experts In Training And Guiding Candidates

Interested in the process of using our services? Whether you’re a client seeking help to recruit permanently or you need a temporary worker to cover, look no further than Lucam.

Our 18 years of experience has given us the expert knowledge needed to select your perfect candidate.


Our team has a thorough understanding of the sectors in which we operate, so regardless of what you are looking for, we have the answer. We’ve seen it all at Lucam. Need a candidate with specific characteristics to match a specific service? Our vast database and team of experienced industry professionals means we can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Every client matters to us, and we always make a genuine effort to build relationships with them. With industry experience, our staff understand the worlds our clients inhabit, which makes the services we provide more authentic. For example, if a client calls with a last minute emergency shift we will work on the cover and pull out all the stops to ensure our client has cover. Our staff understand the emergency of vulnerable individuals being left alone. The fact that we care allows us to provide higher quality services, including quick shifts at short notice.

This has proven to be a highly successful approach, as our client retention rates have been consistently high. By requesting feedback and offering constant support, we can ensure clients are satisfied with our services.

We also send out random surveys to gauge client satisfaction, and are pleased that the results of these are frequently positive. We take any feedback into consideration to constantly improve and adapt to a changing business environment.

Candidate (Temporary)

If you’re a candidate seeking temporary employment, our team is more than qualified to help you reach your ideal role.

Each candidate will be treated as part of the Lucam family, and given the high levels of attention and guidance they need to succeed.

We have a very thorough interview process to ensure the candidates we accept are suitable fits. This way, our resources are dedicated to those who will get the most from our services, and any potential candidates will have a complete understanding of us before making a decision to join the Lucam family.

Suitable candidates who pass this registration/interview process will be led through compliance. Then, the temp team will bring them in to run through how everything works – timesheets, holidays, shifts, the importance of communicating availability, etc. This constant communication helps to build relationships with the team, and prove that even if they are a temporary worker, they are a valued team member.

Candidate (Permanent)

Candidates seeking permanent positions go through a similar process to candidates seeking temporary work.

Their CV will be analysed during a phone call. This helps us to identify their motivations and whether they match the work requirements. Suitable candidates will move onto a formal interview, then the offer process begins.

We check in with successful candidates four weeks after they begin their role to ensure they are happy and coping well with it.

Our commitment to inclusivity means all candidates will be considered equally. Our staff are trained to understand and correct any unconscious biases, treating all candidates fairly as individuals and recognising their potential.


“This is a great company to work for as they want to see you succeed and praise you for the work you do. There are always shifts available to suit everyone’s needs and most importantly every shift is different so it never gets boring. For me Lucam opened so many doors and allowed me to explore a new career path that I never thought would of been available to me.”



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