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We recruit candidates into roles as care assistants, support workers, and nurses.

NHS Workforce Alliance

We recruit nurses, HCAs and support workers within clinical settings for a variety of roles.

Industry Professionals

Healthcare Recruitment Specialists

Our skilled team of industry professionals are keen to use their experience to guide candidates into their ideal roles. The extensive training our candidates receive ensures they are fully equipped to handle the jobs they enter.

Our staff of industry professionals gives us a close connection to these sectors. We understand the ins and outs of working with them, which enhances the recruitment services we provide

With nearly two decades of experience, we are experts in guiding candidates to roles that suit them best, and in helping employees seek the perfect talent to help their businesses thrive.

We work closely with each sector to accommodate their individual needs.

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In the healthcare sector, we frequently recruit candidates into roles such as care assistants, support workers, and nurses.

These roles crucially involve supporting children, young adults and vulnerable adults, so it is absolutely vital that we select the most suitable candidates to take on these jobs. Our highly qualified staff are industry professionals, meaning they possess the all-important experience and knowledge to supply candidates to their most suitable positions.

This is a major responsibility, but through our skills and passion, we always select the right candidates for the job.


NHS Workforce Alliance

Our healthcare recruitment services extend to more general medical fields.

The same experience, skills, and passion our staff have for healthcare also exists for our medical recruitment services. We offer additional training to meet the needs of the ever-changing NHS requirements & supply nurses, HCAs and support workers within clinical settings for a variety of roles, ensuring they are registered with the relevant boards.

Many candidates we train in this sector go on to successful NHS careers.


“I would not hesitate to recommend Lucam for anyone who has recruitment needs. Lucam always goes above and beyond to match candidates, not only skill wise but personality wise. I have used Lucam to recruit for posts I need filling but also to look for opportunities for myself.”

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