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Transitioning from care into independent living is a pivotal and often challenging journey for young people and adults. It demands not just practical support but emotional guidance and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced during this time. At Lucam Consultancy, we are dedicated to facilitating this transition by connecting leaving care services with professionals who embody the perfect blend of empathy, expertise, and enthusiasm for making a real difference.

We Operate in Both Private & Public Sectors

We are also extremely proud to have worked with clients such as the Priory, who do amazing and essential work providing mental health care facilities across the UK. Our recruitment services would not be possible without Geometric Results Inc (GRI) and Matrix SCM, whose services and technologies facilitate our ability to supply candidates with efficiency.

Discovering and retaining the best talent for your business ensures it can grow within an ever-changing environment. An ideal candidate will thrive in their role while providing value for your business – a mutually beneficial relationship.


Why Choose Lucam for Your Recruitment Needs?

Expert Matching for Exceptional Care

Our unique recruitment process is designed to create lasting partnerships. We carefully match candidates with facilities based on their skills, experience, and the specific needs of those leaving care. This ensures a supportive, effective environment that fosters independence and well-being.

A Rigorous Selection Process

We prioritise the quality of our candidates with a rigorous selection process that includes thorough background checks, verification of qualifications, and in-depth interviews. This ensures that you receive only the most dedicated, compassionate, and skilled support staff.

Tailored Recruitment Solutions

Understanding the diversity of needs within leaving care services, we offer tailored recruitment solutions. Whether you’re looking for temporary cover, long-term placements, or emergency staffing, we’re equipped to meet your demands promptly and efficiently.

Support Beyond Placement

Our relationship with you doesn’t end at placement. We offer ongoing support to both our clients and candidates, ensuring any issues are swiftly resolved and that high standards of care are continuously met.

Our Leaving Care Support Staff

A key element of our success is our commitment to keeping up with industry trends and the changing business world. As industry professionals, we understand that change is a natural part of business, and it is better embraced than resisted. By keeping up-to-date with these changes, we can always provide relevant and effective solutions to your business needs.

For example, the COVID-19 pandemic completely changed how businesses operate around the world. Nobody could have predicted it, but the strength of a business lies in its ability to adapt. During this time, we were quite prolific, and kept several care homes running with staff. We are very proud of this fact, as our passion for providing essential services for local communities drives what we do.

This passion promotes a positive work ethic that translates into positive relationships with our clients. This focus on client satisfaction has positively affected client retention rates. We have even maintained some clients since our first day of business. Our connection to each industry through our staff of experienced specialists means we always keep the client’s perspective in mind.

Our Leaving Care Support Staff

Lucam’s support staff are key to the successful transition of individuals from care to independence. They bring:

How it Works

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Why you might need leaving care support staff

In the dynamic realm of social care, particularly within leaving care services, the necessity for dedicated specialists has become increasingly important. Leaving care specialists are instrumental in guiding young adults as they transition from care into independent living, a journey that encompasses both challenges and opportunities for growth. Here’s why your service might need to onboard leaving care specialists:

To Facilitate Independence: Leaving care workers specialise in assisting young adults in navigating the often-daunting journey from care to independence. Their role is crucial in offering the structured support and guidance necessary to tackle real-world challenges, from securing housing to managing finances and accessing further education or employment.

To Promote Wellbeing: Beyond practical advice, leaving care workers provide emotional support, helping young adults to build resilience, self-esteem, and a positive outlook on life. Their support is instrumental in addressing the psychological impact of transitioning from care, including issues of abandonment, identity, and belonging.

To Develop Life Skills: Leaving care workers play an integral role in equipping young adults with the essential life skills needed for independent living. This includes teaching basic household management, cooking, budgeting, and social skills, as well as fostering problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, and decision-making skills.

To Craft a Safety Net: As young adults transition to independence, the risk of isolation and vulnerability increases. Leaving care workers ensure that a safety net of support surrounds these individuals, providing a constant source of guidance and assistance as they navigate the complexities of adult life.

What our leaving care support staff offer

Lucam’s leaving care workers are at the heart of facilitating successful transitions for young adults from care into independent living. Here’s the invaluable support they bring:

Tailored Support: Our specialists excel in crafting personalised transition plans that consider each young adult’s background, aspirations, and challenges. These plans are not just about immediate needs but also focus on long-term goals, ensuring a roadmap that is both aspirational and practical.

Mentorship and Role Modelling: Beyond providing support, our leaving care specialists act as mentors and role models, offering the wisdom, guidance, and encouragement that young adults need as they navigate their path to independence. This mentorship is invaluable in building trust and inspiring confidence.

Flexibility and Reliability: Recognising the dynamic nature of care needs, our support staff are available for a variety of scheduling options, including full-time, part-time, overnight, and emergency placements. Their flexibility ensures you can rely on high-quality care at all times.

Advocacy and System Navigation: Our leaving care staff advocate for young adults’ rights and assist them in navigating complex systems, whether it be educational, legal, or healthcare. They ensure young adults receive the services and support they are entitled to, empowering them to advocate for themselves in the future.

Dedicated Follow-Ups: Our commitment doesn’t end once a young adult has transitioned into independence. We offer follow-ups to ensure they are settling in well, continuing to progress towards their goals, and have ongoing support if new challenges arise.


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