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At Lucam Consultancy, we support healthcare facilities by expertly matching them with top-tier medical administration professionals. Our candidates are skilled at handling the complex tasks of the healthcare industry, ensuring smooth operations and efficient workflows. By connecting you with highly qualified talent, Lucam is your partner in organisational success.

We Operate in Both Private & Public Sectors

We are also extremely proud to have worked with clients such as the Priory, who do amazing and essential work providing mental health care facilities across the UK. Our recruitment services would not be possible without Geometric Results Inc (GRI) and Matrix SCM, whose services and technologies facilitate our ability to supply candidates with efficiency.


Why Choose Lucam for Your Recruitment Needs?

Expert Matching for Exceptional Care

Our unique recruitment process is designed to create lasting partnerships. We align candidates with your facility by carefully considering their expertise, experience, and the specific administrative needs of your operation, ensuring a perfect match that enhances both patient care and organisational efficiency.

A Rigorous Selection Process

Our ethos prioritises the quality of candidates over sheer numbers. Through a comprehensive vetting process that includes extensive background checks, verification of qualifications, and in-depth interviews, we ensure you gain access to the most dedicated, skilled, and professional medical administrators.

Tailored Recruitment Solutions

Acknowledging the unique challenges and requirements of each healthcare facility, we offer bespoke recruitment solutions. Whether your needs are for short-term coverage, long-term positions, or emergency staffing solutions, we’re equipped to meet your demands promptly and efficiently.

Support Beyond Placement

Our commitment to you extends well past the placement phase. We provide continuous support to our clients and candidates alike, ensuring smooth transitions, quick resolution of any issues, and the maintenance of high standards of administrative care.

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Our Medical Administrators

Lucam’s medical administrators are pivotal to the infrastructure of the healthcare settings they serve. Each one contributes:

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Why You Might Need a Medical Administrator

In the complex and fast-paced world of healthcare, the need for efficient and effective administration has never been more critical. Medical administrators play a pivotal role in ensuring that healthcare facilities operate smoothly, enhancing patient care and organisational efficacy. Here’s why your facility might need to onboard a medical administrator:

To Enhance Operational Efficiency: With the healthcare landscape becoming increasingly complex, the demand for streamlined processes and efficient administration is rising. Medical administrators are key in optimising operations, from scheduling to billing, ensuring that healthcare professionals can focus on patient care without administrative burdens.

To Support Quality Patient Care: Medical administrators contribute significantly to the patient experience, managing the behind-the-scenes aspects of healthcare that impact patient satisfaction. Their expertise in managing patient records, appointments, and communication helps in delivering timely and effective care, directly influencing treatment outcomes.

To Ensure Compliance and Risk Management: Skilled medical administrators are essential for navigating new compliance requirements and standards as they emerge, ensuring that facilities remain compliant with health laws, protect patient privacy, and minimise legal risks.

To Facilitate Better Resource Management: Effective use of resources, including staff scheduling, inventory management, and budgeting, is crucial for the sustainability of healthcare facilities. Medical administrators have the skills and knowledge to manage these resources efficiently, ensuring that the facility operates within its means while still providing high-quality care.

What Our Medical Administrators Offer

Lucam’s medical administrators are at the core of enhancing operational efficiency and patient care within healthcare facilities. Here’s the value they bring to your team:

Operational Innovation: Our medical administrators are constantly seeking ways to innovate and enhance operational workflows. Their proficiency in healthcare systems and technology leads to the implementation of cutting-edge solutions that streamline patient care delivery and administrative tasks, ensuring your facility stays ahead of the curve.

Compliance Expertise: Navigating the complex web of healthcare regulations and ethics is second nature to our professionals. They ensure your facility adheres to all legal standards and ethical practices, safeguarding patient rights and maintaining the integrity of your operations.

Flexibility and Reliability: Recognising the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry, our medical administrators are available for a variety of scheduling options, including full-time, part-time, and temporary roles. Their flexibility ensures that your facility can rely on consistent and uninterrupted administrative support.

Patient-Centred Care: Understanding that the heart of healthcare lies in patient care, our medical administrators adopt a patient-centred approach to administration. They ensure that patient scheduling, communications, and access to care are handled with the utmost sensitivity and efficiency.

Continuous Training and Development: We champion the continuous education of our medical administration staff, ensuring they are adaptable and equipped with the latest knowledge and skills in healthcare management, technology, and patient care trends.


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