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Enhancing Your Facility with Mental Health Professionals

Finding the right mental health professional can make a world of difference. The staff we provide are vital caregivers, as well as advocates for mental wellness, playing a crucial role in the lives of those they assist. At Lucam Consultancy, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between outstanding mental health professionals and the facilities that need them, ensuring that every individual receives the care and support necessary for their wellbeing.

We Operate in Both Private & Public Sectors

We are also extremely proud to have worked with clients such as the Priory, who do amazing and essential work providing mental health care facilities across the UK. Our recruitment services would not be possible without Geometric Results Inc (GRI) and Matrix SCM, whose services and technologies facilitate our ability to supply candidates with efficiency.


Why Choose Lucam for Your Recruitment Needs?

Expert Matching for Exceptional Care

Our unique recruitment process is designed to create lasting partnerships. We carefully match candidates with facilities based on their skills, experience, and the specific needs of your clients, ensuring a seamless fit that fosters a supportive and healing environment.

A Rigorous Selection Process

We believe in quality over quantity. Each candidate undergoes a rigorous selection process, including thorough background checks, verification of qualifications, and in-depth interviews. This ensures that you receive only the most dedicated, compassionate, and skilled mental health professionals.

Tailored Recruitment Solutions

Understanding that each mental health facility has unique needs, we offer tailored recruitment solutions. Whether you’re looking for temporary cover, long-term placements, or emergency staffing, we’re equipped to meet your demands promptly and efficiently.

Support Beyond Placement

Our relationship with you doesn’t end at placement. We offer ongoing support to both our clients and candidates, ensuring any issues are swiftly resolved and that high standards of care are continuously met.

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Our Mental Health Professionals

Lucam’s mental health professionals are vital to the therapeutic environments they create. Each one brings:

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Why You Might Need a Mental Health Professional

The landscape of mental health is ever-evolving, and the need for crucial support is rising. Mental health professionals are pivotal in providing therapeutic support, understanding, and intervention for individuals grappling with mental health challenges. Here’s why your facility might need to enhance its team with dedicated mental health professionals:

To Navigate the Complexities of Mental Health Care: The complexity of mental health issues requires nuanced understanding and specialised interventions. Mental health professionals are equipped with the expertise to navigate these intricacies, offering evidence-based treatments and therapeutic approaches tailored to individual needs.

To Meet Escalating Demands: Amidst a global rise in mental health awareness and the consequent increase in individuals seeking help, there’s an urgent need for professionals who can provide empathetic and effective mental health care. This surge in demand underscores the importance of having a reliable team of mental health specialists to address a spectrum of psychological and emotional issues.

To Build a Culture of Mental Wellness: Beyond individual client care, mental health professionals play a vital role in creating an environment that prioritises mental wellness. Their presence and expertise contribute to a culture that supports mental health education, reduces stigma, and promotes early intervention.

To Innovate with New Therapies: The field of mental health is rapidly evolving, with new therapies and approaches being developed all the time. Recruiting mental health professionals who are not only trained in these new methodologies but are also committed to ongoing learning is vital for staying at the forefront of mental health care.

What Our Mental Health Professionals Offer

Lucam’s mental health professionals deliver top-tier empathetic and evidence-based care. Here’s how they can elevate your facility:

Individualised Strategies: With a strong awareness that each person’s mental health journey is unique, our professionals develop and implement care plans tailored to each client’s psychological, emotional, and situational needs.

Broad Spectrum of Expertise: Our team offers an extensive range of mental health services, covering all aspects of mental wellbeing. This ranges from diagnosis and individual therapy to group interventions and specialised programs for disorders such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

Flexibility and Reliability: Understanding the dynamic nature of mental health needs, our staff are available for a variety of scheduling options, including full-time, part-time, and temporary placements. Their flexibility ensures consistent, quality mental health care is always accessible for your facility.

A Culture of Compassion: Our mental health professionals embody a culture of deep empathy, respect, and ethical consideration. They prioritise creating a therapeutic environment where clients feel safe to express themselves and explore their mental health without judgement.

Continuous Training and Development: Lucam is dedicated to the ongoing professional development of our mental health staff. Through specialised training and continuous education, they gain expertise in niche areas of mental health care, allowing your facility to offer specialised services that meet the emerging needs of the community.


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