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Supported housing plays a vital role in providing safe, secure, and nurturing environments for individuals facing a variety of life challenges, including disability, age, or homelessness. The professionals working within these services not only offer essential support but also empower residents towards greater independence and quality of life. Understanding the specialised nature of this sector, Lucam Consultancy is dedicated to connecting supported housing facilities with the exceptional talent they deserve.

We Operate in Both Private & Public Sectors

We are also extremely proud to have worked with clients such as the Priory, who do amazing and essential work providing mental health care facilities across the UK. Our recruitment services would not be possible without Geometric Results Inc (GRI) and Matrix SCM, whose services and technologies facilitate our ability to supply candidates with efficiency.

Discovering and retaining the best talent for your business ensures it can grow within an ever-changing environment. An ideal candidate will thrive in their role while providing value for your business – a mutually beneficial relationship.


Why Choose Lucam for Your Recruitment Needs?

Expert Matching for Exceptional Care

Our unique recruitment process is designed to create lasting partnerships. We carefully match candidates with facilities based on their skills, experience, and the specific needs of your facility, ensuring a harmonious fit that enhances the sense of community and support within your services.

A Rigorous Selection Process

Quality is our bread and butter. Each candidate undergoes a rigorous selection process, including thorough background checks, verification of qualifications, and in-depth interviews. This ensures that you receive only the most dedicated, compassionate, and skilled professionals.

Tailored Recruitment Solutions

Understanding that each facility has unique needs, we offer tailored recruitment solutions. Whether you’re looking for temporary cover, long-term placements, or emergency staffing, we’re equipped to meet your demands promptly and efficiently.

Support Beyond Placement

Our relationship with you doesn’t end at placement. We offer ongoing support to both our clients and candidates, ensuring any issues are swiftly resolved and that high standards of care are continuously met.

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Our Supported Housing Staff

The staff we place in supported housing roles are vital contributors to the wellbeing and progress of the communities they serve. Each brings:

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Why You Might Need Dedicated Supported Housing Staff

Supported housing staff are a lifeline to those facing a range of challenges in life. These challenges can be personal, like managing a disability, or societal, like overcoming homelessness or age-related limitations. The staff we provide act as a lifeline, helping residents navigate these barriers and achieve greater independence. Here’s why your facility might need to bring onboard dedicated supported housing staff:

To Navigate Complex Resident Needs: Supported housing serves a unique cross-section of the community, each with their own set of challenges and aspirations. Staff need to be empathetic and equipped with a diverse skill set to navigate these complex needs effectively.

To Create a Supportive Environment: The essence of supported housing is not just in providing shelter but in fostering a community where individuals feel supported in their journey towards independence. Staff play a key role in cultivating this environment, requiring a special blend of interpersonal skills, patience, and the ability to encourage growth and resilience among residents.

To Enhance Safety: Security and trust are essential in supported housing settings. Residents often come from vulnerable backgrounds and need to feel safe and supported. Staff must therefore be reliable and trustworthy, with the right temperament and integrity for sensitive interactions.

To Meet Regulatory Standards: Supported housing facilities operate within a regulatory framework that requires staff to meet certain qualifications and adhere to compliance standards. Tailored recruitment ensures that all staff, from frontline support workers to management, are not only qualified but fully understand and comply with these standards.

What Our Supported Housing Staff Offer

Lucam’s supported housing staff are instrumental in building inclusive and empowering environments. Here’s how they contribute to those you support:

Personalised Care: Each individual’s needs are unique, so our staff develop personalised plans focused on addressing personal goals, skill development, and steps towards greater independence. This strategy empowers residents to reach their full potential.

Community Integration: Our specialists act as crucial liaisons between residents and the wider community, connecting them to partnerships with local organisations, vocational training programs, and social activities. This helps residents feel connected to and supported by their community.

Flexibility and Reliability: Resident needs aren’t limited to daylight hours, so our staff are available for various shifts to ensure constant, high-quality care. This includes full-time and part-time roles, as well as night shifts and emergency response capabilities.

Conflict Resolution: Equipped with training in crisis intervention and conflict resolution, our supported housing staff are prepared to navigate and defuse potential challenges with professionalism and care. Their skills in these areas ensure the maintenance of a safe and stable living environment for all residents.

Continuous Training and Development: Our commitment to the professional growth of our supported housing staff includes leadership development opportunities, ensuring that your team remains at the forefront of care practices.


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