The Importance of Onboarding

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NHS, Nurses, Nursing
NHS, Nurses, Nursing

Onboarding is the process of guiding candidates into their role. It is vital to ensure candidates are fully prepared & confident, with access to tailored support at every stage. That’s why we provide an extensive onboarding process at Lucam – because every candidate deserves to feel fully supported when entering a new role.

Why onboarding matters in healthcare

The importance of onboarding in the healthcare industry is even greater due to the complex and high-stakes nature of the work. However, while there is less margin for error for employees entering a healthcare role, effective onboarding has benefits to all potential employees.

Entering a new role can be an overwhelming experience. You’ll be meeting an array of new people – colleagues, managers, and patients – while getting the opportunity to put your training to the test in real-world scenarios. This can be scary, so a strong onboarding process should help any new employee feel welcomed, alleviating their anxieties and instead helping them feel as confident as possible as they transition into their new role.

The Importance of Onboarding

The advantages of onboarding are not exclusive to candidates. Organisations can also benefit from a comprehensive onboarding process. For example, errors and accidents can be reduced, which is crucial for healthcare businesses whose staff handle vulnerable patients on a daily basis. New hires must act with a high degree of care, professionalism, and proficiency.

What makes a strong onboarding process?

So, what makes an onboarding process strong? There are several factors to consider to ensure your candidates are successfully integrated into their new role:


Any successful onboarding process should include a comprehensive training programme. All candidates should have a complete understanding of their roles & responsibilities, as well as the rules & regulations of their organisation. Depending on the nature of the role and organisation, training may be completed online or offline, and ongoing support or mentorship may be necessary.


Speaking of support, new healthcare workers will likely require ongoing support to help them effectively handle patients from day one. New staff may be paired with experienced colleagues via a mentor system to assist them as needed. Access to useful resources such as manuals may also be provided.

The Importance of Onboarding


Alongside the appropriate knowledge and support, employees should feel comfortable as part of their new team. To achieve this, they could be introduced to their colleagues and given opportunities to socialise & work with them. They should also be made aware of the organisation’s culture and values.


At every stage of the onboarding process, the candidate should have a clear understanding of what their role entails and what is expected of them. Additionally, they should remain informed of developments within the organisation and given multiple opportunities to provide feedback.

Lucam’s onboarding process

Lucam’s onboarding process is built around a standardised eight-step candidate journey. This is designed to provide the most thorough and meaningful preparation for each new hire.

The journey involves plenty of regular contact between our team and the candidate. This is to ensure that they never feel lost or confused at any point of the onboarding process. All candidates are subject to follow-up reviews to verify their progress. This way, we know exactly how each candidate is getting on in their role, and we can support them with any issues or concerns they may have.

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In conclusion, onboarding is an essential part of any candidate’s journey to employment, and must be thoroughly coordinated to prepare them for their new role. By focusing on training, support, integration, and communication, an organisation can effectively prepare candidates for success.

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