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Assistance, Carers, Key Workers, Support
Assistance, Carers, Key Workers, Support

For those who have difficulty living independently, carers are indispensable. At Lucam, we are proud to provide recruitment services for carers to assist those in need in local communities.

There are many reasons why someone may need the assistance of a carer:

  • They could be experiencing or recovering from an illness

  • They have difficulty coping with daily routines (e.g. washing, dressing, preparing meals, using the toilet, shopping, getting out of bed, etc.)

  • They require assisted living services but do not want to move into a care home

An elderly woman and her carer

Depending on the individual’s situation, the support they need from a carer may be temporary or more long-term. Typically, permanent care is offered in the case of chronic long-term illness.

Carers provide vital material support for those who need it – helping them to carry out essential day-to-day activities that they cannot do themselves. By preparing meals, assisting with shopping and dressing, washing their clothes, and generally assisting an individual with their routine needs, a carer ensures they can continue living in a private environment where they feel safe and comfortable.

But the support doesn’t stop there. Helping with their material needs is important, but a carer also provides companionship to those who may be experiencing loneliness. Alongside supporting their material needs, carers provide valuable companionship to those who need it. The conversation and time shared together are just as important and nourishing for people who lack this in their lives.

This companionship has been especially important during Covid-19 and the lockdown period where everyone has been affected by self-isolation. In a time where we can all empathise with the struggles of prolonged time spent alone, it is important to remember that this is the unfortunate permanent reality for many vulnerable people.

Carers nationwide have endured the risks of the pandemic to help vulnerable individuals continue to live a life of dignity. Care workers experienced some of the highest mortality rates in the UK during the first phase of the pandemic. Plus, in many cases, they provided an increased level of care during this time due to the vast increase in people vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus. It’s fair to say that without the work of carers, the pandemic would have been significantly more detrimental to many people.

At Lucam, we supplied carers to those who needed them throughout the pandemic. We’re thankful for all the key workers we cooperated with during a time of need, and our care recruitment will continue for as long as it is needed.


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